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North Wales Massage
Asian Healing Arts -understanding bodywork
In this Japanese tradition of bodywork, a therapist uses mostly pressure along the meridian lines (energy lines) to allow for a smooth flow of energy through the body. Shiatsu literally means thumb or finger pressure, however a therapist may also use palm and elbow. In addition, some mild stretching, joint mobilization and manipulation will likely occur. The treatment can be mild to firm and the overall tone is slow and sedative. Treatments last for 1 hour.
In this Chinese tradition of bodywork, a therapist may brush, knead, roll, press, rub, stroke, shake, or stretch the areas in between each joint known as the eight gates in order to open the body’s defensive chi. Tui literally translates to “push” and na translates to “lift and squeeze.” A tui-na treatment can be gentle to quite firm. It usually has some quick components to it along with slow deep isolated manipulations. Treatments last for 1 hour. If interested in a Tui-na session, you will have to contact the office directly. Curran Latchford is the only trained professional in this modality and you need to schedule with her directly.
In this Chinese tradition, a therapist pricks the skin with fine needles along meridian lines (energy lines). These needles act as electrical transformers allowing the energy of the body to move. This is used to relieve pain and treat mood related disorders. A partial list includes: headaches, allergies, asthma, depression, insomnia, menstrual disorders, and digestive problems. A typical session requires a short meeting with the practitioner for assessment and then 30-45 minute needling session.
The origin of reflexology is not well understood. There are examples of it in many ancient traditions, Chinese, Egyptian, Native American, Roman, and more. It is an art form in which the practitioner relieves pain, stress, and multiple disorders by treating specific pressure points on the feet and hands primarily, but it can sometimes include treatment of the head. In a typical session the client sits in a reclined chair with bare feet and hands while the practitioner uses oils to massage into the soles of the feet and palms of hands for 1 hour.
All bodywork therapies at Ground Luminosity stem from the Oriental Medical Theory that all illnesses of the mind and body, with their respective symptoms, are related to an underlying imbalance in an individual’s energy system. By employing massage and manipulation techniques each therapy seeks to establish a harmonious flow of Qi (energy) through the system, allowing for the body to heal itself naturally.

None of these therapies require the client to disrobe. Oils and lotions are not used, except in the occasion of compresses. The client will be notified of this ahead of time. Therefore, it is requested that the client wear comfortable clothes and no jewelry. Traditionally these therapies are performed on a mat on the floor, however tables and chairs are available if preferred or necessary.
Practitioners are also trained in myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, and cranio-sacral. While these do not directly fall under Eastern Styles, they are beneficial and can be utilized in any session by the practitioner.
Additional Techniques