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Renee Gosik
No.  No oils or lotions are used in any of the bodywork therapies, except in the case of compresses.  If compresses are to be used the client will be notified ahead of time.
Do I have to get undressed?
Does it hurt?
Some clients may experience mild pain at points during any of the therapies offered at Ground Luminosity, but it is often described as “good pain.”  It is often a sign of a release of tension.  Practitioners will guide the client through these moments by telling them to breath through the challenge so that they can ultimately find relief.  We always ask the client to communicate with us throughout the session if anything does not feel comfortable.  It is important that that the client stay within his/her level of comfort in order to achieve relaxation and a sense of well-being.
Soreness and lethargy are possible, but generally uncommon.  It depends on the state of your body.  Usually soreness after a treatment is a result of the body releasing toxins into the bloodstream for removal.  Drinking plenty of water following a treatment helps reduce the chances of soreness.  Also, informing the practitioner if he/she has gone beyond your level of comfort reduces the chance of soreness.  Most clients leave feeling a heightened sense of well-being after a treatment that can continue for several days.
Will I be sore the next day?
This answer depends solely on the client and the current state of their body.  In general, it is recommended to receive treatment every 10-14 days for about 2 months initially.  Following this the client will move to once a month or once a quarter.
How often should I receive a massage oracupuncture treatment?
Please sign up for the free consultation that will help you to find the best service for what you are looking to achieve in your life.  We offer a loving accepting environment where you can explore what best suits your needs.
What class should I take?
The best golf swing starts with the hips rotating forward while the shoulders are still moving back. This goes against our body’s natural inclination to move. It takes a lot of practice and patience, during which a golfer can have numerous mistakes and sustained injuries. That’s where bodywork comes in. The most common (20%) injury is to the low back, but the shoulders, elbows, neck, and knees can be affected too.Traditional Oriental Bodywork therapies can not only open up the body’s energetic system, but they can activate the soft tissue. Once the muscles and connective tissue are loose, the body moves with ease and that golf swing feels natural!

Curran Latchford has been working with golfers for 9 years. They always say they have the “best game” after a massage. If you are looking to improve your game, maintain the game you have, or prevent future injury, getting a regular massage will help.
Does any of this help with my golf game?
Are any of these bodywork therapies a massage?
Yes and No.  Similar to a massage the intention of the practitioner is to relax the body, ease stress and pain, and remove toxins.  However, Eastern therapies address the imbalances in the flow of energy within the body and utilize pressure and stretching techniques that differ from the broad muscular movement that is associated with therapeutic massage.